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Husband John said that he is not a "professional lottery fan" because he does not have enough money to buy lottery tickets every week. Buying the lottery ticket this time was the idea of ​​his wife Lisa, and there were only two hours left befor…

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The displayed lottery number is repeated multiple times in the correct way + pair (no bonus)-(+ bonus)-(repeated)-(drawn) pair of lottery. All these (right) repetitions from the beginning to the next repetition are added by two digits without points.To ge

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Click to expand... I have recalculated and checked the numbers for the Ohio Super Lotto plus and reserve price as follows: -Match6Numbers = 1Combination & Oddsof1in13,983,816.00Match5 + Bonus = 6Combinations & Oddsof1ofinin2,330,636.00Match5Number

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Wells said that because they are independent games, it is impossible to calculate the odds. "But this is a very surprising coincidence," he said. "We have players who have won multiple jackpots before, but this is the first person in Missou

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Film company employees bought 2 lottery tickets with the same number and won a 200 million yuan prizeThe lottery industry has its fair share of scandals—which isn’t really a surprise. It may be a big industry with numerous protections in place, but it’s…

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